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Abstract dyptique Bleu Klein

Abstract dyptique Bleu Klein

Title of the artwork :  Diptych Bleu Klein 

Year of realization : 2023 in Paris 

Two canvases each measuring 65x54 cm stretched on a frame and ready to hang.

A strong color that is self-sufficient and brings charm to a room.

When the power of a color is enough on its own.It enhances any corner with its disarming vibration.
They are also sold individually. 


Size of painting : 65X54 cm each 

Unique work / Limited serie 

Signed on the front and the back 

Stretched on a frame 

Frame not included 


    420,00 €Price

    Terms of sales 


    Shipping delay 

    If the painting is available it will be sended as soon as possible, some hours or at least one day. If the painting is not available and it must be done, it will take 5 to 7 days to be done. 

    The shipping in France is around 3 days, one week in Europe, and around ten days in the United States. 


    Shipping cost 

    Delivery in France is free with the exception of large canvases, from 130x97 cm included. 

    Delivery cost in France for big canvas : 10€. 

    Delivery cost to the United States : 15€ for every kind of size. 

    Delivery cost in Europe is free with the exception for big canvas from 130x97 cm included, at 10€.