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Artist-Painter based in Paris 

Contemporary abstract art for
modern interior

Bodasca is a self-taught artist based in Paris/ Neuilly-sur-Seine. Her acrylic paintings are a harmonious combination of colors, shapes, abstraction and modernity charged with emotion to embellish contemporary interiors.

Since she first discovered this joyful escape in art during the pandemic crisis in 2021, her paintings have been highly appreciated by a large audience. Sold all over the world (from United States, to Switzerland, England, to Monaco and Spain, to Singapour) she carries out professional projects with architects and customized orders. 

In her limited collections you can find figurative paintings of lovers, the abstract on flat and well-defined shapes and some architectural realizations. 

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figurative painting

Discover a series of figurative paintings which illustrate the two lovers.

Modern artwork which personalize an interior

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colorful abstract

discover flat and colorful abstract, shapes well-defined perfect to design a contemporary interior 

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minimalist painting

discover series of minimalist and monochrome paintings, colors that embrace every wall with harmony and bring a touch of elegance

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architecture series

A contemporary geometric abstract that suggests the perspective of modern architecture. Rounded corners, carmine red, pine green, and light beige coexist.

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If you have a special request or others questions, please drop me an email. 

thank you !

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